Botanical Aperitif – What is Red Moon 99.6 Sparkling?

High quality and alcohol-free

Red Moon 99.6 Sparkling is a high quality and alcohol-free drink made exclusively from natural ingredients:

99.6% Red Moon apples

0,4% carbonic acid


Health and well-being

Red Moon apples provide valuable nutrients such as  anthocyanins, fiber, vitamin c and polyphenols  with positive effects on health and well-being.

Non-alcoholic refreshing drink

Result from two red-fleshed apple varieties

RS-1 and RM-1

Red Moon 99.6 Sparkling is a cuvee from two different red fleshed apples, the RS1 and RM1.

The red color of the drink comes naturally from the red flesh of the apples, without additives and preservatives.

Red Moon 99.6 comes in elegant 0,75 litre champagne bottles sealed with cork and capsule, ensuring a noble appearance.

Refreshing balance between sweetness and slightly acidic and enjoyable aftertaste.

with a touch of fizz


With a touch of fizz

Red Moon 99.6 Sparkling is made with 99.6% apple and a touch of fizz that makes it unique.

Harvest and storage

In September and October, Red Moon apples are harvested from Italian orchards. Only quality apples are then stored in a controlled atmosphere so that the flavors can develop optimally.


The gentle cold pressing by a belt press ensures the preservation of the red flesh color.


During filtration, turbidity is removed to achieve clarity of the product.

Carbonic acid

To give Red Moon 99.6 even more pep, carbonic acid is added.

Bottling and pasteurization

The juice resulting from cold pressing is bottled and the goes through the pasteurization process.


Numerous drink variations

Red Moon 99.6 can be used to mix numerous drink variations.

Get inspired by our drink recipes.

Versatile application

Red Moon 99.6 is characterized by its versatility. Enjoy it pure, as alternative for high sugar fruit beverages, as a high quality ingredient for long drinks and cocktails, as an energizing drink and as juice-food pairing.


No alcohol


Best taste at around 6-8°C with ice cubes

Mixed drinks

Premium ingredient for cocktails

Harmonizes with sparkling wine, gin, vodka and more

To any meal

Gives ordinary meals the little extra

In between

Natural alternative to sugary fruit juices

Tasty thirst quencher for every occasion


New Year’s Eve

Children birthday


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